According to ProtectCELL insurance report, iPhone users 46% less likely to need replacement

ProtectCELL’s customer data shows that iPhone users are roughly 46 percent less likely to need a replacement device, for any reason, as compared to other smartphone users. This recent research measures the cause and frequency of mobile replacements for both smartphones and tablets across ProtectCELL’s two-million-plus plans sold.

When comparing the causes for device replacement, research suggests that iPhone users are less likely to break their device, but far more prone to misplacing their phone. According to ProtectCELL, iPhone owners are 11 percent less likely to report a broken or damaged device as compared to other smartphone users, but 65 percent more likely to request a replacement due to their device going missing.

My take on this: The iPhone is built well and is less prone to breaking. And the iPhone is more desired by thieves.

As to that last, enable Find My iPhone, people.

UPDATE: According to 9to5mac, the number should have read 46% instead of 54%. Thanks to reader Zac Hall for the tip.