Calling out Garth Brooks

What do AC/DC, The Beatles, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Garth Brooks and The Rolling Stones have in common? Everyone, except Garth Brooks, are world class bands that have their music available for sale on iTunes.

Garth clearly hasn’t seen fit to give his fans the opportunity to purchase his music on iTunes, yet. Apparently, Brooks wants his music sold in album-format only—no single song sales are allowed. This clearly goes against everything Apple believes for how music should be sold on iTunes.

As a music fan, I have to agree with Apple on this. To be clear, I am a fan of Garth Brooks. I had a number of his CDs years ago, but unfortunately through moves and having them in the car, a couple of them broke. It happens—not a big deal.

Except I no longer buy CDs—I haven’t since iTunes opened. All of my music is purchased on iTunes, put on my iPhone and iPod and streamed in the car.

So what does my scenario mean for Garth Brooks. He sees no sales from me. None. Garth can argue all he wants about album sales, but the fact is, he’s missing out on sales every single day.

It’s so bad now that even music stars like Blake Shelton are calling out Garth Brooks on Twitter to put his music on iTunes.

Come on Garth, join the big boys, and do the right thing. It’s time to stop living in the 1990s.