Next generation USB plug will be reversible

I so love the iPhone and iPad lightning plug. Easy to plug in, even at night, done by feel. Rightside up, upside down, no matter. To me, it is absolutely perfect.

Taking a page from this book, the USB group announced that the next generation of USB plug will be smaller, scalable and, most importantly, reversible.

  • An entirely new design tailored to work well with emerging product designs
  • New smaller size – similar in size to the existing USB 2.0 Micro-B
  • Usability enhancements – users will no longer need to be concerned with plug orientation/cable direction, making it easier to plug in
  • The Type-C connector and cable will support scalable power charging
  • Scalability – the connector design will scale for future USB bus performance

Huzzah! Here’s the press release with all the gory details.