Microsoft takes on Google Chromebook in this tin-eared ad

If you are going to create an attack ad, it better be either irrefutably in-the-right or incredibly clever. This ad makes the case that the Chromebook is not a real laptop, that when it is not connected to the internet, it is “pretty much a brick.” I don’t own a Chromebook, and I’m not necessarily a Chromebook fan, but fair is fair. A “brick”? It took me all of 2 minutes reading reviews to dispel this myth.

I get the fact that the Chromebook might not be as useful when you are not connected to the net, given that it was designed with Google’s online suite of apps in mind. But not one review I read implied that the Chromebook is useless when off-line.

I was also bothered by the line the ad walks between reality series and marketing. This text is from the Microsoft Scroogled site that hosts the video.

At Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, it’s all about separating the real deal from the imitation—and the Google Chromebook sticks out like a sore thumb.

Rick and his crew are leery of the Chromebook—and you should be, too.

To me, there’s an implication (however subtle) that the gang from Pawn Stars is reacting to the Chromebook as they would to any item presented on their show. But, of course, they are presumably being compensated by Microsoft.

I think this ad is both badly written and mean-spirited, a terrible combination. Build a better product, hire a crack team of satirists, then take your aim.