Sonos intros Play:1 speaker

It just got a lot cheaper to get a Sonos wireless hi-fi system. On Monday Sonos introduced the Play:1, a desktop speaker that you can also put on the wall. It costs $199, $100 less than the bigger Play:3.

The Play:1 stands 4.39 x 6.36 inches and sports integrated volume and track playback controls. What’s more, Sonos is including a $49 Bridge with it – that’s the device you need to connect your Sonos speakers, which create their own independent wireless network, with other services. You can control music playback – and access to other services like Pandora and Spotify – using a free app for your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

If you put two Play:1’s in a room together, they’ll create a stereo sound field. And you can also connect them with other Sonos devices like the Playbar and the Sub, to create a surround sound system for your TV. A standard 1/4-inch threaded mount is in the back if you want to stick the Play:1 on the wall. And it’s humidity-resistant, if you want to stick it in the bathroom so you can listen to tunes while you shower.