iPhone 5 and iPad mini grab top spots in customer satisfaction survey in Japan

Apple products took the top positions for the smartphone and tablet categories in a recent survey conducted by Nikkei PC magazine. In fact, multiple Apple products landed in the top three in both categories.

With an overall ranking of 5.67 in the smartphone category, the iPhone 5 took the top spot, followed by HTC (5.22) and then the iPhone 4/4S (5.16). Samsung’s Galaxy finished in fifth place with a score of 3.59, well behind the top three.

Apple did even better in the tablet category with the iPad mini taking the top spot with a score of 6.40. The iPad took second spot with 5.85. Google’s Nexus finished in fourth with an overall score of 5.76, followed in fifth by another iPad (5.58). Samsung’s Galaxy Tab finished a distant 11th with a 2.99 score.

The Nikkei PC magazine says that 14,279 people took part in the survey.