Yojimbo 4.0 eschews iCloud for Wasabi Sync

Bare Bones Software of Wednesday announced the release of Yojimbo 4.0, a new version of their digital junk drawer app for the Mac. The new release is available for download from their Web site – it’s no longer available through the Mac App Store.

To manage sync in Yojimbo, Bare Bones has turned to Wasabi Sync, a third party sync service provider that supports Apple’s Core Data API. It’s no secret that some developers have had significant problems implementing iCloud Syncing in a way that works well for themselves and their customers; Bare Bones president Rich Siegel made a blog post earlier this year explaining the issues in detail.

Full screen support has been added for the main Yojimbo window and for information item windows, along with updates for improved appearance on Retina displays.