The worst CNN article in a long time

You could almost go through this article line-by-line and pick it apart, but let me just grab a couple of sections.

First of all, the headline makes a statement: “Apple becoming a follower, not a leader,” but the story asks a question:

Instead of leading, will the company increasingly become a follower?

So right off the bat you have no idea what you’re talking about. The author of the article, Andrew Mayer, then asks:

So if thing are great then why should Apple be thinking about bigger screens?

Well, because innovative companies are always testing larger and smaller and wider and thinner screens to see what works best for its customers. It’s called R&D.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4, with its 5-inch screen, has become the fastest selling Android phone in history.

You’re kidding right? First of all, those are not sales to customers, but shipments to the sales channel. Samsung “shipped” 10 million phones in a month. Apple sold more than 5 million iPhones in three days. See the difference there Andrew? Funny you didn’t mention that.

Although Apple has modified its stance, it’s clear that the iPad mini is not quite the device we would have seen if Jobs was around today.

Oh Andrew, please explain what Steve Jobs would have done, please. As an “interactive design consultant” you must know exactly what Steve would have done. Enlighten us please.

In response, Apple is releasing a new version of its operating system in the fall.

No Andrew, Apple releases a new operating system this time every year. Even the slightest bit of research would have shown you that. You could have fallen on Google’s servers and that would have popped out.

The end of the article is where Andrew shows his true brilliance.

That still leaves us waiting for the next big thing. What Apple needs most are bold new ideas, not bigger iPhones or iPads.

Andrew, show me a company that doesn’t want “bold new ideas.” Can you think of any? No, me neither.

I don’t even want to link to it, but here it is.