Forbes is just trying to piss me off

If there was any doubt at all about how pathetic Forbes has become, just take a look at the latest bit of drivel posted to the Web site.

Forbes’ Eric Jackson asks the question “Why has Apple AAPL overpriced iCloud so much?” Okay, pricing is a subjective thing, so let’s take a look at why he thinks it’s overpriced.

That might have been a great deal for storage a year ago when iCloud was first rolled out. However, Yahoo!’s new Flickr storage pricing certainly catches your eye.

Yahoo! is giving you 1 terabyte of storage for free. That’s 1,024 GB of free photo space.

Wait, what?

The whole basis for this article is that iCloud is overpriced because Yahoo is offering more space for photos? Clearly Jackson doesn’t know much about iCloud, but let’s address his main complaint first.

From Apple’s Web site:

Does Photo Stream use my iCloud storage?

No. Photos uploaded to My Photo Stream or Shared Photo Streams do not count against your iCloud storage.

So, what the hell is he whining about? He has no idea.

Let’s get to the more obvious point. iCloud is a collection of services that allow you to sync information—and images—across multiple devices. That includes, contacts, calendars, bookmarks and other data. Apple’s cloud services have expanded in recent years to include iTunes music and videos too. In short, a completely different service than Flickr.

According to his bio Jackson is “the Founder and Managing Partner of Ironfire Capital LLC, which runs a tech-focused hedge fund and angel fund.”

People, call your broker and make sure none of your money is with guy.

I didn’t want to link to Forbes so I wouldn’t reward their stupid story with traffic, but if you want to read the original, you can here.