‘Nintendo Wii U: Death by Apathy’

Matt Martin, Gamesindustry.biz:

The Wii U just had its Dreamcast moment. With Electronic Arts confirming it doesn’t have any games in development for the machine, one of the console industry’s biggest players has walked away from the system counting its losses. So that’s none of the market-leading sports games for the Wii U in the near term and none of those tantalising new Star Wars games in the mid-term. We weren’t looking at a long term solution for the Wii U, but now it seems it won’t even get a semi-decent sales pick up at the end of the year. Christmas is cancelled for Nintendo.

I have to admit, I winced with the Dreamcast reference. I’m a big Dreamcast fan even to this day. Big difference between Nintendo and Sega, though: Nintendo’s got a thriving handheld gaming business.

EA pulling up stakes in the Wii U software business isn’t necessarily a death knell for the platform, but it is a major PR issue for Nintendo to deal with. Martin outlines some of Nintendo’s other challenges, too.