The Loop Magazine updated and an apology

When The Loop Magazine shipped last week, I had high hopes for delivering readers the best content available on Apple’s Newsstand. Unfortunately, the app shipped with a subscription bug that caused errors when trying to read the magazine on multiple devices.

In our efforts to fix the bug, we released an update over the weekend that actually made the situation worse.

Tonight, we released The Loop Magazine 1.0.2, which does fix the subscription bug once and for all. If you download the magazine on a second device, you just tap the “Restore” button and it will recognize your subscription and activate the magazine for that device.

In addition to the subscription bug, we also fixed sharing, added the ability to share selected text and fixed a crash on launch bug.

You deserved a better experience than what we delivered, and we expected more from ourselves. Please accept my apology and know that we are working hard to deliver a great app for you.