Another day, more useless bullshit from WSJ

The Wall Street Journal isn’t even hiding its disdain for Apple anymore.

Earlier today the WSJ posted an article called “Another Day, Another Downbeat Note on Apple,” that predictably picks apart Apple based on an analyst’s outlook on the company. Here’s the funny part — the products the analyst talks about don’t actually exist.

He says “supply checks” lead him to believe Apple is having problems and will not launch a new [iPhone I think, he doesn’t say] until September. He then “estimated” the low-cost iPhone “could” cost $350 to $450. The analyst also predicts the iTV launch has been pushed to 2014.

What new iPhone? What low-cost iPhone? What iTV?

Apple hasn’t announced any new products, dates or any other details that I know about.

Noticeably absent from the WSJ in the last week are stories about Android accounting for 79 percent of mobile malware, Another on how Apple is dominating Samsung in smartphone market share1, here’s a dandy on how researchers cracked an Android’s security by freezing the phone, and finally a story that shows that 84 percent of airline passengers use iOS compared to 16 percent for Android.

You can read the WSJ story if you want.

  1. Actually the WSJ did write about this, they just turned it around to make it look better for Android.