‘What’s up with Apple’s down low on Ebay sales?’

I, personally, wouldn’t buy anything refurbished from Apple or from their Ebay store. I’ve seen refurbished stuff. So called “blemishes” and “normal wear” can mean scarred screens and body cracks. No thanks.

Not on refurbed gear sold by Apple. I’ve worked very happily for the last two years on a refurbed MacBook Air I bought from Apple and I’ve been delighted with it. It was as good as new when it arrived, has worked flawlessly, and eligible for AppleCare (and covered by Apple’s standard factory warranty). Only difference is that I didn’t pay even close to the regular retail price.

I’ve gone with the refurb section on the Apple Store, but if Apple’s moved to eBay too, I say go for it.

Unless you need to configure a machine to order and have very specific requirements or need to buy a machine when it first comes out, buying new is for suckers.