It’s not Apple’s job to be a parent to your kids

I can understand how some parents would be upset if Apple didn’t have some kind of controls to limit the use of the iPhone and iPad, but the fact is they do.

I read Sarah Perez’s story on TechCrunch “Apple’s iPad Needs A Kid Mode. Like, Yesterday” and was kind of amazed at how much blame was put on Apple.

The simple fact is, as parents, it’s up to us to monitor what our kids do with technology or any toy. If you choose not to use the included controls because they are a hassle, then that’s your choice. You made that decision.

Apple’s built-in controls allow the parent to disable Web surfing, the ability to watch movies or TV shows, deny the ability for purchases including in-app purchases, you can even disable a child’s ability to install or delete apps.

Apple provides more controls than most of the toys our kids play with. What’s next, are we going to call Crayola because the kids colored the wall with crayons?