Avadon 2: The Corruption role playing game announced for Mac, iPad

Spiderweb Software on Thursday revealed plans to release Avadon 2: The Corruption, a fantasy role playing game for Mac, Windows and iPad. It’s coming this Fall.

Developed by the makers of the Avernum and Exile series, Avadon 2 is part of an all-new series. You return to Avadon, the Black Fortress. You are tasked with putting an end to the civil war that threatens your land. A shadowy menace threatens to destroy your land, and it’s up to you to either joining forces with it and ending Avadon’s power or fighting your enemies and restoring Avadon to its former glory.

You choose from five different character classes, dozens of spells and abilities, dungeons to explore, magical artifacts to collect and use, and many different branching storylines, endings and side quests.

Editor’s note: Spiderweb Software makes classic RPGs, and does a fantastic job with them. If you have love in your heart for games like the Ultima series for Apple II and the original Baldur’s Gate, you will love Spiderweb’s games. They’re deep, they’re immersive, they’re loads of fun and for the amount of gameplay you get, they’re worth every penny. I’ve never been disappointed with any Spiderweb game I’ve played.