Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition finally coming to Mac Feb 22

After numerous delays, Beamdog and Overhaul Games announced Wednesday plans to release Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition for OS X. You can pre-order and pre-load it today from Beamdog’s Web site; it’ll also be available for download from the Mac App Store. Either way, it’ll cost $20.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is a rework of the classic computer role playing game originally developed by Bioware and released in the late 1990s. Baldur’s Gate won legions of fans for its intricate and detailed gameplay, which followed the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rule set and incorporated scenarios in the AD&D Forgotten Realms setting.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition arrives complete with added content, new character classes and other changes. The game has already been released for iOS and Windows, but this will mark the OS X debut. (The iPad version is available for $10, but offers additional content only unlockable using in-app purchases. The Mac version arrives fully equipped.)