NYT reporter responds to Tesla

About three hours into the trip, I placed the first of about a dozen calls to Tesla personnel expressing concern about the car’s declining range and asking how to reach the Supercharger station in Milford, Conn. I was given battery-conservation advice at that time (turn off the cruise control; alternately slow down and speed up to take advantage of regenerative braking) that was later contradicted by other Tesla personnel. I was on the phone with a Tesla engineer in California when I arrived, with zero miles showing on the range meter, at the Milford Supercharger.

An interesting counterpoint to Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk’s blog post yesterday. Musk suggests that Broder had an agenda, Broder offers reasonable explanations for how and why he drove the car as he did, and suggests that everything he did was either with Tesla’s understanding or at their behest.

Any way you slice it, no one is walking away from this unscathed. The Times looks like it had an agenda and Tesla’s CEO looks petulant and vindictive.