Temple Run 2 gets 20 million downloads in first weekend

Imangi Studios had a good weekend. The company said on Monday that its new app, Temple Run 2, was downloaded more than 20 million times in its first weekend on the App Store.

In addition to the huge downloads, Imangi said Temple Run 2 accumulated over 210 million sessions, which equals a combined time of 1,775 years of gameplay. So, people are not only downloading the game, they are playing it as well.

The original version of Temple Run was downloaded more than 170 million times in the various places it was available.

Imangi describes the game like this:

Featuring high-res graphics, new obstacles, abilities, player powers, and achievements, Temple Run 2 takes place in an entirely new and infinitely more challenging world filled with curvy roads, hills and valleys, where players must fly down zip lines and speed along in mine carts to get away from the temple dwellers and retain control of the idol.

You can download Temple Run 2 from the App Store.