I’m sticking with Apple Maps

The anticipation for the arrival of Google Maps last night was incredible and rightfully so. However, after using it, I’ve decided I’m sticking with Apple Maps.

Google’s interface for Maps isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. I like the interface on Apple Maps a lot better — the little Apple-esque touches that they put in their apps is second to none.

Interface aside, it’s how the app works that makes the real difference. Like millions of other people, I downloaded Google Maps last night and decided to get directions to one of my favorite restaurants, just a few miles from my house.

After typing in the name of the restaurant, Google Maps took me to India, which is on the other side of the world from where I am.

This morning, I took my daughter in town and used Google Maps to find our location. It found the place just fine and gave me a route close to what I would normally take. On the way, I ignored some directions to see how it would handle being re-routed.

It did okay, but there was a long lag as it figured out where to take me next and instead of finding the best route from where I was, it kept trying to take me back to the original route.

I used Apple Maps on the way home and it did a much better job of alerting me to upcoming turns and being quick to recognize when the route had changed.

I recognize that Apple Maps needs some work — there is no doubt about that. However, I have said from the very beginning that Maps worked well for me in the cities I’ve tried it. That continues to be true.

I’m glad Google released maps on iOS, even though it was a dick move to not give iOS users turn-by-turn navigation until Apple threw them out.

Competition is good for users and I support that, but I’m not about to throw out an app that works great for me.