BBEdit 10.5 adds Retina Display support, more

Bare Bones Software on Tuesday introduced BBEdit 10.5, a new version of their flagship text editor for OS X. It’s a free update for registered BBEdit 10 users.

The new release add support for Macs with Retina Displays, an effort that Bare Bones CEO Rich Siegel said required a complete rewrite of the application’s graphic engine. “It would make for an entertaining ‘What I did on my summer vacation’ essay,” Siegel told The Loop.

That’s only the start, however. Siegel said that Bare Bones added a multitude of new features in 10.5, one of the most significant new feature adds to the product outside of a major release.

Those features include a new Go menu, which helps speed navigation within documents. The Go menu offers quick access to a Jump Points palette, which provides a history of movement within the active documents; a Functions palette that displays any named functions within the document; and any named symbols within a file.

BBEdit users can also configure projects as web sites using a new menu in the project window’s action bar. BBEdit 10.5 simplifies management of site-wide document settings, HTML syntax checking and other details, and a new Deploy Site command lets you upload your site to an FTP or SFTP server in one fell swoop.

There’s more, too – check the BBEdit Web site for more details.

BBEdit 10.5 is available for immediate download from the Bare Bones Web site. If you purchased it through the Mac App Store, check that for an update instead.