Second Life makers introduce Creatorverse for iOS

Linden Labs, the folks behind the 3D virtual world Second Life, announced Tuesday the release of a new $5 app for iOS called Creatorverse. Creatorverse lets you create and animate 2D objects using physical rules, then share them with others.

The company describes Creatorverse as “a two-dimensional shared creative space, a digital canvas on which you can build unique creations, set them in motion, and share them with the world to enjoy and remix.”

Simple drawing tools enable you to create 2D objects, while other tools enable you to define physical rules for your creation such as gravity and velocity. Then you can set your creation in motion and see what happens. Your creations can either be stored locally or uploaded and shared with other Creatorverse users.

Creatorverse runs on iOS devices, Android and some Kindle devices as well. Here’s a YouTube introduction video: