First the mainstream media pointed out how nobody was standing in line for the new iPads and sales were going to suck. Then when Apple announced this morning that they sold 3 million iPads in three days, instead of admitting they were wrong, the conspiracy theories started.

Let’s look at Peter Kafka at All Things D whining that Apple didn’t break out the numbers between the iPad 4 and iPad mini.

Apple says it sold three million iPads since Friday, when its new iPad mini and iPad 4 went on sale. But it isn’t breaking out its sales by model.

News flash for you Peter, Apple never breaks out numbers of multiple products in a category. iPods are iPods, iPhones are iPhones, and wait for it Peter, iPads are iPads.

Look at any Apple financial report and you will see the same thing. Apple does this for competitive reasons and they always have. Only someone with an obvious agenda, or is new to reporting on Apple and haven’t done their homework would question that.

It is true that Apple reported iPhone 5 sales numbers, but that was a single product launch, not a multiple product launch like the iPads.

Kafka also called into question Apple’s integrity by implying they were counting all iPad sales last weekend and comparing to sales of the new iPad in March. When has Apple ever done anything sleazy like that before.

Here’s a better question to ask Peter. Why not ask Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Samsung and RIM for actual sales numbers for their products. Apple provides them every quarter, but nobody else does. I’m not talking about vague shipments either, ask for numbers.