Apple vs. Samsung: A peace treaty


WHEREAS, the respective Parties, the Apple Fanboys (also known as “Apple Fanbois,” “Fanb0yz,” “iPhoners” or simply “The Mac Faithful,” among many other names) and the Samsung Fanboys (also known as “Apple H4terz,” “Galaxians” or “Androiders”) seek a lasting peace, both online and off, and…WHEREAS, online forums, queues for new products and technology blogs have become polluted with smack talk, useless feature comparisons and Photoshopped ads meant to deride and belittle each other’s device preference, and…WHEREAS both sets of Parties recognize that a competitive market is both critical and necessary for continued technological innovation to benefit all, especially early adopters…NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties agree to abide by the agreements herein, enumerated in the terms of the articles set forth below.

This is actually pretty darn funny.