Only 4 percent of iOS 6 users use Maps? Bullshit.

Kevin C. Tofel for GigaOM:

Summary: before iOS 6 1 in 4 people were using Google maps at least once a day. After iOS 6: 1 in 25 using Apple maps and falling.

The data is attributed to a company called Snappli.

I have no doubt that some people are experiencing genuine problems with Maps. I have no doubt that it’s not an optimal solution for people who need, say, public transit maps. But for many of us, Jim and me included, Maps works great and is definitely better than what we had before.

To suggest that it’s useless enough that more than 90 percent of iOS 6 users have stopped using it all together? That goes beyond straining credulity. That’s straight into the realm of absolute bullshit.