‘This is something Jobs never would have done?’ Bullshit.

Gina Smith for SFGate:

“This is the second time Apple has unleashed a beta product on the public post the death of (late Apple CEO) Steve Jobs,” Londis said. “Apple Siri was the first,” he said, referring to the iPhone’s voice-activated assistant. He pointed out that Apple used to have a rule forbidding release of beta software when Jobs was in charge. “Apple is letting the public vet the software. This is something Jobs never would have done.”

I’m sick and tired of pundits saying “This is something Jobs never would have done.” There’s ever been precisely one person on Earth who knew what Jobs would have done, and he died last October.

Londis is also demonstrably wrong. Apple, under Jobs’ leadership, released any number of public betas. OS X Public Beta is one example. FaceTime for Mac is a more recent example. iWork.com. The list goes on and on.

This is just one example of the “Not on Steve Jobs’ watch” harping that’s been going on for months, and the vast majority of it is total bullshit.