Forget iPhone 5 naysayers, this thing is big

Rob Fahey for

Dear People On The Internet – you’re utterly irrelevant, out of touch, and seemingly possessed of absolutely terrible memories to complement your weakened powers of deduction. Remember when you passed precisely the same judgment on the iPhone 4S? Remember when it then went on to become the fastest-selling and most profitable phone handset of all time? Remember that? Tell me, oh wise Internet People, what is it about your logic that’s different this time around?

Fahey’s responding to early criticism from some tech pundits and bloggers that the iPhone 5 failed to live up to their unrealistic expectations.

There’s been so much douchebaggery posted about the iPhone 5 since yesterday, I barely know where to start. The old canard about opinions being like assholes is true: Everyone has them and they all stink.

Fahey makes a great point that depsite Android’s inroads and its massive success at moving large quantities of handsets from different manufacturers, iOS still rules for content, and content is king.

Regardless, though, we – meaning both consumers and content creators – live in an iOS dominated world. The oft-touted Android activation figures and handset sales are almost irrelevant, since they cover such a wide variety of devices – many of which are bargain basement handsets that are unlikely ever to be used to make purchases from any app store. All the Android devices in the world don’t matter to a game creator if few people are using them to buy stuff – whereas Apple’s effective cornering of most of the high end of the market, along with its deeply integrated App Store infrastructure, means its consumers tend to be big spenders.