Apple updates Podcasts app for iOS

Apple on Wednesday updated its Podcasts app for iOS, adding a significant number of improvements. While many people complained about the first version of Podcasts, I was quite happy with what they brought out. Many of the things that people thought should be included in this app seemed to be on the high-end side of the fence. I contended when the app was first released, and still believe today, that Apple made a useful app for the majority of users, leaving the high-end market for its third-party developers.

Having said that, it is good to see Apple paying attention to one of its newest iOS apps with so many improvements.

According to Apple the following changes have been made to its Podcasts app:

  • Significant improvements to performance and stability
  • Podcasts in your library now show the number of unplayed episodes
  • Top Stations now show the podcast title if artwork is missing
  • Playback speed is now remembered when playing the next episode
  • Fix for a problem where the Subscribe button is inactive
  • Resolution of an issue where Top Stations artwork may not appear