Mid Atlantic Consulting is wrong

A couple of days ago Mid Atlantic Consulting published an article detailing how iOS 6 has a limit on the number of apps that can be installed on an iOS device. I call bullshit on this for a couple of reasons.

I talked to some of my sources about the claims of the blog and the supposed limitations of iOS 6. Mid Atlantic says at 500 apps, the device will slow down and at 1,000 apps it won’t even boot. The person I was speaking with had over 1,100 apps on his phone running iOS 6 and said there was no virtual or other type of limit on the number of apps that could be installed.

There is, of course, a limit on the number of space that an iPhone has. After a certain number of apps, depending on what they are, you just simply run out of space on the device. That’s got nothing to do with an Apple imposed app limit though.

The second issue I have and call bullshit on is that Apple contacted them and said they are working on a fix. The fact is, there is no fix that needs to be implemented, because there is no app limit.

The last point I’ll make here is that by publishing the initial article, Mid Atlantic broke the NDA imposed by Apple. If Apple was going to contact them, it would be to cancel their developer account, not to offer them help.

Developers have avenues to register bugs with Apple. Posting on the Web is not one of them.