Nick Bilton responds to criticism

Nick Bilton:

Why? Well, I didn’t knock their baby teeth out, that’s for sure. Instead, I said something slightly negative about an Apple product.

First of all, when you title your follow-up article “When Apple Fanboys Attack,” you’re probably going to get some shit.

Second, it wasn’t a negative article about Apple that I had a problem with. It’s the fact that you seemed to ignore all of the creation possibilities on the iPad.

You said:

Although there are hundreds of third party products available, Apple doesn’t seem to want the iPad to be a creator, but more of a consumer.

That’s just not true.

Nick appeared to narrow the focus of what he considers creating content means in his article today to typing. Clearly you can do more than that.

I asked Nick on Twitter if he had a chance to actually use the Surface1, but he didn’t respond.

Update: Nick Bilton changed the headline of his article from “When Apple Fanboys Attack” to “When Zealots Attack”

  1. And by extension the keyboard he seems to like so much.