Devs say Retina-optimized Macs will take time

Joel Mathis for Macworld:

Go ahead and grab the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, but be warned: It might be a little while before most of your apps look as sharp as the screen showing them.

While Apple is already updating its own apps for Retina display, officials with third-party developers Adobe and Autodesk said they’ll need time to ship Retina-optimized apps to the public. Their Photoshop and AutoCAD applications, respectively, were shown in Retina form during Apple’s Monday keynote at WWDC, along with Diablo III from Blizzard Entertainment.

I expect that we’ll see a similar buildout as we did with iPad Retina Display-optimized apps last year. It shouldn’t be too long, but if you bought a spiffy new Retina Display-equipped MacBook Pro at an Apple Store this week or have one on order, you might experience just a wee bit of frustration as developers struggle to catch up.