Why is it always the high school kids?

Philip Elmer-DeWitt for Fortune:

But in the walk-up to this week’s World Wide Developers Conference, everybody — including the Journal — got scooped by an 18-year-old kid named Mark Gurman who goes to high school in Los Angeles and writes on the side for Seth Weintraub’s 9to5Mac.

Elmer-DeWitt recounts Gurman’s recent track record on WWDC rumors and comes away impressed: the kid got seven of eight rumors right.

Reminds me of another high schooler who made his bones in the Mac press by getting inside Apple in a way that almost no one else could at the time: Nicholas Ciarelli, a.k.a. Nick dePlume, the editor in chief of “Think Secret,” an Apple rumor site that he started when he was 13. Think Secret rose to such prominence that Apple filed a lawsuit against the site; ultimately it was shut down after Ciarelli and Apple reached a settlement.