G-Form uses Bruins goalie Tim Thomas to demonstrate iPhone case durability

You gotta hand it to the folks at G-Form – they’re always looking for an interesting and unique way to test the durability of their cases. Now they’ve enlisted the help of Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas to test the toughness of their iPhone cases.

Thomas gamely steps into the net as G-Form’s own Dave slapshots several iPhones in G-Form cases at him. Thomas gloves the final shot and answers the call on the intact iPhone. (G-Form is based in Providence, RI, which may explain their choice of Thomas.)

G-Form’s previous publicity stunts include dropping its iPad case (with an iPad inside) from an airplane – it came out unscathed. They’ve even dropped an iPad from the edge of space before (a 100,000 foot drop) – don’t argue about terminal velocity, it was still a neat gimmick.

G-Form makes a line of protective cases for iOS devices and other electronics; they also manufacture sports padding out of the same “RPT” material.