Dell distances itself from misogynist speaker last month about a Dell Computer event in Europe that featured misogynistic media personality Mads Christensen:

After the break Mads Christensen shares with us his whole “show” about the bitchy women who want to steal the power in politics, boards and the home. “Science” he calls it and mentions that all the great inventions come from men. “We can thank women for the rolling pin,” he adds. And then the moderator of the day finishes of by asking all (men) in the room to promise him that they will go home and say, “shut up bitch!”.

Molly Wood at CNet weighs in with her own thoughts about the underrespresentation of women in tech, and how incidents like this don’t help:

There’s not only a persistent absence of women in the fastest-growing economic sector in the world, there are toxic and dangerous attitudes that make that sector persistently unwelcome for women.

Wood managed to get an official statement out of Dell disavowing the incident and attempting to distance itself, which read in part, “We can tell you that the moderator’s attempted humor does not reflect Dell’s values, or its strong record on and commitment to diversity and equal opportunity.” Click the link for details.

Update: The conference was last month.