Úll Conference is the best I’ve ever attended

I’ve been to countless conferences over the last 20 years, speaking, attending and talking to developers, but never have I attended a conference organized as well as Úll in Dublin, Ireland last week.

Úll (Irish for Apple) is a developer conference aimed at giving “workshops, keynotes, talks and in-depth presentations on all the aspects of building, designing and marketing your apps.” It did that and so much more.

Most of the conferences I’ve attended fall down on the details. Intentions are always good, but the execution is often faulty. That’s where Úll really stood out. From the moment you arrived until the very end, the attention to every single detail of the conference, from badges to dinner, was well thought out and executed.

Of course, the conference wouldn’t have been successful without quality speakers and they delivered on that too. Michael Lopp, John Gruber, Matt Gemmell, Josh Clark, Aral Balkan and so many more interesting people entertained and informed the attendees.

There was also plenty of down time to mingle with the developers and speakers to ask questions, share your opinions and make friends.

Úll organizers Paul Campbell and Dermot Daly are truly a class act. They care about the developers and speakers — and it shows.

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