Kaspersky offers Flashback/Flashfake protection for Macs

Yesterday we brought you news about Juan Leon’s downloadable tool to check to see if you have the “Flashback” malware installed.

Now comes word from anti-malware software developer Kaspersky Lab; they’ve set up Flashbackcheck.com – a Web site that can check to see if your Mac’s UUID is on a list of infected machines. If it is, Kaspersky offers a downloadable trial version of its Mac software to remove the infection.

(More details about Kaspersky’s efforts to stop Flashback – and the latest about what’s going on with Flashback – are available from the Kaspersky Lab Web site.

According to Kaspersky, incidents of infection from Flashback have dropped dramatically since last week.

Also make sure to apply any security updates available from Apple through the Software Update system preference. Apple released two Java updates last week to help prevent problems with Flashback.