Fighting the stupid

Remember yesterday when an iPad user watched hours of video and was surprised when his data allotment ran out? Today, I bring you another tale of woe.

USA Today writer Ed Baig (he’s the one that complained the iPad still doesn’t have Adobe Flash) said he burned through his 2GB data allotment in less than 24 hours. Baig said he used up his 2GB data plan “downloading a number of the apps that I had already purchased.”

With a 50MB download limit set by Apple for data connections, Ed would have to download 41 apps at 50MB each to reach his limit. I looked through some of the more popular iPad apps on the App Store and it seems like 20MB would be a decent average app size. That means you would have to download more than 80 apps to hit the limit.

That’s certainly possible, I guess. But there’s one thing to consider here. You know you have a data allotment, so if you use it up downloading apps or video, why is that Apple’s fault? Let’s look at the math.

2GB data – 2GB video downloads = no data left 2GB data – 2GB app downloads = no data left

To simplify:

2GB data – 2GB downloading anything = no data left

Like the Wall Street Journal yesterday, USA Today’s headline blazed “New iPad’s speedy 4G can use up data allotment in a flash,” but it’s not the iPad. Any device using 4G is going to be the same.

Any user with a 2GB data plan that downloads 2GB of data is going to run out.