Consumer Reports: From bagels to iPads

Consumer reports is at it again, this time the organization is trying to torpedo Apple’s new iPad.

I say “torpedo” because it seems to me Consumer Reports has an agenda playing out here. I would think that would be to get as much press as possible and the way to achieve that is to find a problem with the iPad 3.

Think about this — when is the last time you heard from Consumer Reports? Right, you probably haven’t. The last press release they issued was for bagel testing, so there is probably little cause for hype on that one. (Perhaps their hands were still hot from the bagel toaster when they picked up the iPad).

Yet, when it comes to an Apple product, Consumer Reports pulls out all the stops and schedules a segment on CNBC? Stinks a little, I think.

Not only that, the great testers at Consumer Reports once again contradict themselves.

Paul Reynolds, Consumer Reports electronics editor, said on CNBC that the iPad is “hot enough to be uncomfortable at least.” But in the organizations official release it said the iPad “it felt very warm but not especially uncomfortable.”

You remember Consumer Reports contradictions about the iPhone 4 right? That’s when the iPhone 4 scored highest among all smartphones, but on the same day Consumer Reports said it couldn’t recommend the iPhone.

Simply put, I call bullshit on Consumer Reports. I have a new iPad and been using it every day and I don’t see the issues they are reporting. It’s like Consumer Reports trolls the Web to see what people are complaining about and they put that in their report.

They should stick with bagels.