Aspyr: Civ V Mac App Store update broke for Lion users

Aspyr notes that its newest update to Civilization V: Campaign Edition has caused problems for Lion users. The update coming from the Mac App Store seems to be the trouble, and only for Lion users, according to Aspyr – Snow Leopard users aren’t having difficulty, nor are customers who downloaded the software through Steam.

“We are working with Apple to rectify the issue but in all fairness, this is no fun for customers and we haven’t found a good vehicle for updating customers on what’s going on. We typically see less than 10% of affected users ever click through and submit support tickets, so lots of people are out there frustrated,” explained Aspyr spokesperson Elizabeth Howard.

To make it up to its customers, Aspyr is heavily discounting Civilization IV and Civilization IV: Colonization on the Mac App Store, down to $4.99 each. What’s more, once the update problem is fixed, Aspyr plans to offer Civilization V: Campaign Edition customers free access to the Wonders of the Ancient World Scenario Pack, DLC content for the game.

More details on the issue and workarounds are here.