EverTune keeps your guitar in tune, and it works

For guitar players, keeping the guitar in tune during a performance was nearly impossible, until now. I stopped by the EverTune booth today at the NAMM show and really couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

EverTune inventer Cosmos Lyles showed me the unit installed on a Gibson Les Paul and another on a Fender Telecaster. It basically replaces the bridge of the guitar with a specially designed EverTune unit.

Lyles claimed that the EverTune bridge would keep the guitar in tune regardless of what happened when playing. I took him up on the challenge, plucked the low E and then grabbed the tuning peg and turned it. Believe it or not, the guitar stayed in tune.

Lyles said the EverTune worked by keeping a constant tension on the string. If you want to adjust the tuning, you do it from the bridge, much the same way you would tune a guitar with a Floyd Rose on it.

All this time we’ve been waiting for technology to be the tuning savior, but it’s springs, physics and math that ended up doing it.