Apple could get $10 per Android phone sold, but would lose its edge

Bloomberg posted an article today saying that Apple should start looking at settling its many patent lawsuits or lose out on potential income from licensing.

The company could probably collect as much as $10 in royalties for every device sold, more than the amount analysts speculate Microsoft (MSFT) receives from Samsung and HTC, which use its mobile technology, said Rivette at 3LP.

I disagree with this argument.

With over $80 billion dollars in the bank, Apple doesn’t need royalty money from Android phones. By taking that money, I believe Apple would lose the very things that differentiates it from competitors — innovation.

The reason so many companies are copying Apple is that the features and technology that make up the iPhone, iPad and iOS 5 are unique. Even the most strident Android fan has to admit that Google’s mobile operating system took a major turn from copying the BlackBerry to copying Apple when they saw the iPhone.

Devices manufactured by Samsung, HTC and Motorola are almost exact replicas of the iPhone and iPad. That’s not done by accident — the companies are copying Apple to take advantage of their success.

The copying of Apple’s design is so bad (or good) that Samsung lawyers couldn’t even tell them apart when asked by a judge to identify its tablet in court earlier this year.

Apple is innovating and making its products different from everyone else. More importantly, it’s doing it first. Apple is leading the design and technology markets, forcing others to come up with their own solutions or copy Apple’s.

Sadly, most have chosen to copy. That’s not okay.

Apple makes products that people want. More companies should try that. If Apple licensed its technology, what would set it apart from everyone else?

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