PlayBook is an ‘albatross’


Lazaridis said at the time the PlayBook was worth continuing because the tablet market is still “in its infancy and that “based on the positive response to the promotions that are underway in select markets, RIM believes this strategy will accelerate adoption” of its new operating system and help built the application ecosystem for devices planned for 2012.

RIM failed to plan for the future while it controlled the smartphone market years ago. Then it lied to its users, and the market, by saying the PlayBook was planned all along. It didn’t take a genius to see that the PlayBook was thrown together at the last minute to mitigate a threat from the iPad.

Unfortunately for RIM, users were not as stupid as the company thought they would be. If the PlayBook is an albatross, it’s because the co-CEOs strapped it around their own necks and then tried to ignore the stink.

Nobody is that stupid.