∞ Jimi Hendrix: The Complete Experience iPhone and iPad app

The app features:

  • Discography – Flip through the full collection of Hendrix’s albums. iTunes integration lets you play the songs you own, sample those you don’t and purchase new tracks from within the app.
  • Filmography – Discover documentaries, live performances, and other films about Hendrix.
  • Venues – See photos, video clips, and descriptions of the concert venues that defined the Hendrix legacy
  • Locations – Geo fencing alerts will let you know when you are near Hendrix landmarks. Visiting the landmarks will award you virtual passport stamps.
  • Social Media Integration – Share accomplishments and information from the app with your social network with the integrated Twitter sheet and Facebook.
  • Connect the experience across multiple devices – Use AirPlay to connect with your Apple TV or Airplay speakers

I beta tested this app and it was amazing.