∞ Adobe responds to Creative Suite pricing criticism

Following criticism of its pricing for future versions of Creative Suite, Adobe responded on Monday with a statement sent to The Loop.

“Our aggressive subscription price for Adobe Creative Cloud – $49 per month for every Adobe Creative Suite application, our new touch apps and new cloud-based services – will provide incredible value for the creative community and we will clarify and promote these benefits to our customers over the next few months,” reads the statement. “The changes to our upgrade policy, for customers who would like to continue to purchase CS software as a perpetual license, benefits customers who are on the latest versions of our software. We have promotions that enable customers to upgrade to the latest CS version ahead of CS6 at a reduced rate – at the moment we are offering 20% off any upgrade to the latest version of their Adobe software.”

The response to Adobe’s pricing has been strong throughout the community, but that stands to reason considering how many creative pros use the company’s software.