∞ Time Command Mini alarm clock works with iOS devices

Stem Innovation has announced the Time Command Mini, a small alarm clock designed to work with iOS devices including the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It charges and plays audio from those devices on a pivoting dock connector, and features enhanced connectivity using a special app. It costs $79.95.

The Time Command Mini sports three buttons and a large, dimmable display all on a compact circular base. When paired with a free Stem:Connect app downloadable from the App Store, you can use your iOS device to customize multiple alarms, et repeat alarms, choose custom tones or music, set an audio “ramp up speed” to a peak level, play music from Internet radio streams, create a “sleep to audio” session, monitor weather information and more.

The Time Command Mini is the second alarm clock device in Stem Innovation’s catalog. The first, the Time Command, is larger, with bigger speakers and more buttons.