∞ Million-selling indie game Limbo coming to Mac

Playdead, the Danish indie game developer behind the million-selling title Limbo, has announced plans to bring it to the Mac before the end of the year.

Limbo is a puzzle-based platformer that made its debut in the summer of 2010 for Xbox 360, through Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade service. It’s a dark game that features black and white artwork to create an eerie atmosphere.

In Limbo, you play as a boy who finds himself lost in a forest; he must search for his missing sister. He must avoid traps, monsters and other hazards as he makes his way through the two-dimensional environment, moving left and right, climbing up and down, jumping onto ledges and more.

The company announced the million sales mark on Thursday, and indicated they’d release a Mac version to join the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows releases. Playdead counts the million players in 153 countries.

The Windows version of the game has been released using Valve’s Steam platform – recently the victim of a hacker attack that may have exposed user account information. The good news for PC players of the game is that Steam’s “SteamPlay” service will enable cross-platform play between Mac and PC at no additional cost.