∞ Apple Store app introduces Personal Pickup, EasyPay features

Apple has updated its Apple Store iOS app and has added two new convenience features for U.S. consumers who frequent Apple retail stores: Personal Pickup and EasyPay.

Personal Pickup enables you to pick up your order in any Apple retail store instead of having it shipped to you. Most in-stock options are available within one hour of placing the order, according to Apple.

EasyPay – a feature limited to iPhone 4 and 4S models at present – enables you to scan the barcodes of select accessories on the shelves of Apple retail stores and pay for them right on your iPhone. So if you need an accessory but the Apple Store staff is busy, you may be able to complete the transaction yourself without having to wait.

Both features are limited specifically to U.S. Apple retail stores at present.

The 2.0 release also adds package tracking, and improves international support for customers in China and Canada.