∞ Review: Rockin' a Kermit wristband and an iPod nano

There are a lot of reasons to love the iPod nano. Apple’s diminutive device has been part of my music listening arsenal since it was first released and still is.

The first thing I noticed about the new iPod nano was the interface. It’s much improved over previous versions because the navigation is so quite a bit easier.

My previous nano had a number of touch buttons on the screen, but the new one only shows one button at a time. Considering the size of the screen, it’s much easier to get to the item you’re looking for.

The touch buttons on the nano scroll onto the screen much like Apple’s Cover Flow albums work in iTunes. Very sleek animations and then a simple touch launches that section.

Of course, the nano is also now being used as a watch. With its 18 different watch faces, there is pretty much something for everyone.

Me, I chose to rock a Kermit wristband and an Animal clock face. I actually thought using the nano might be a bit awkward as a watch, but it worked great. It’s quite a conversation starter too.

The wristband that I have automatically adjusts to the size of your wrist, so there are no worries about picking up the wrong size. That also makes it easy to get on and off.

This, in turn, leads to another problem — since it fits all wrists, I’ve had a hard time keeping the watch to myself. I’ve regularly found my new nano watch on my kid’s wrists and my wife’s too.

Even with the iPod nano in the wrist band, there is still adequate room to use the device’s touch interface and access all of the buttons. A small hole in the bottom gives you access to the headphone jack so you can listen to music.

People often ask why I don’t use my iPhone to listen to music. I rarely listen to any music on the iPhone — I use that for calls, email and Web surfing.

I take my iPod nano on trips and listen to it on the plane and during walks when reach my destination. It’s so small that it easily fits into my bag and you don’t even notice it. Now, with the wristband, I can just wear it.

Those that exercise regularly will love the built-in Fitness app, which is done with Nike. The great thing about the nano is that it’s ready to track your workout out of the box. There is no dongle or extra piece of equipment that’s needed.

Turn it on, press “Start” and you’re done.

The Apple supplied headphones comfortably reached from my wrist to my ears while walking normally without pulling. An enjoyable experience.

The iPod nano is a great device that I would highly recommend to anyone. You should pick up a wristband too, especially if you exercise or travel.