∞ Siri-compatible remote voice control module looks like 2001's HAL

Siri, the voice response system built into the iPhone 4S, has inevitably drawn comparisons to HAL, the artificial intelligence on board the spaceship in 2001: A Space Odyssey. ThinkGeek is blurring that line by introducing the Iris 9000, a remote voice control module that looks like HAL.

IRIS 9000 won’t ship until next spring, but when it does, the $59.99 gadget will let you control your iPhone 4S from across the room. A cradle holds your iPhone 4S, and a “micro remote” triggers Siri with a button press. A built-in mic picks up your voice and triggers Siri up to 50 feet away.

A speaker embedded on the Iris unit amplifies Siri’s spoken responses, and the glowing eye even flickers along with Siri’s voice.

Yes, it’s every sci-fi fan’s dream come true. One step closer to opening the pod bay doors.