∞ Split screen AirPlay 'Party Play' mode comes to Real Racing 2

Firemint has announced the release of a significant update to Real Racing 2 and Real Racing 2 HD, its auto racing game for iOS. The new 1.12 version is ready for download from the App Store.

The update has been released in advance of iOS 5, with features designed to support new capabilities exposed in the new iOS release. Full AirPlay support has been added, for example, enabling Real Racing 2 to be displayed wirelessly on a television connected to the iPad or iPhone using an Apple TV. Firemint has also introduced “Party Play” mode, which enables a split screen local multiplayer mode for up to four players on an HDTV, streamed either via AirPlay or HDMI.

Here’s a video of Party Play at work:

The game also gets significant graphics overhauls in this release, with real-time dynamic shadows and specular lighting, normal mapping on various interior and exterior surfaces, and enhanced lighting and mapping developed to highlight details you couldn’t see before.

Firemint has also made memory optimizations and other improvements and fixes.