∞ Sony confirms data breach involving 93K online accounts

Sony has been the target of another hacker attack. This time about 93,000 PlayStation Network (PSN) and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) accounts were compromised, but no one’s credit card information is in danger. That’s according to a report posted to the PlayStation blog by Philip Reitinger, Sony Group senior vice president and chief information security officer.

Reitinger says that the login attempts appear to include data obtained “from one or more compromised lists from other companies, sites or other sources.” He underscored that it’s unlikely the data came from inside its own network. He also noted that the 93,000 accounts represent a fairly small fraction of the company’s overall user base – one tenth of one percent.

Reitinger said that Sony’s already shut down the affected accounts and sent e-mails to let the targeted subscribers know what happened. He also told customers to make sure to have a strong password and username combination not associated with other online services.

The open communication is a welcome change of pace for Sony, which saw a public relations and legal nightmare in April when more than 100 million PSN and SOE accounts were hijacked along with credit card information. Sony failed to disclose the extent and nature of the attack for days, and kept the PSN service offline for weeks as Sony sought to understand the extent and nature of the security breakdown.

Sony tapped Reitinger for the CISO position in September. His background include stints at Microsoft and the US Department of Homeland Security.